Let us help you prepare for your thermography appointment! Please visit our calendar page to find out when and where we'll be. Then call or email us for an appointment. We will make reminder calls 1 -2 days prior to your appointment so, respectfully, please allow 48 hours for cancellations. Your thermography scans will take 2-3 days for interpretation. We provide you a copy of the report via secure email, CD or print version. If requested, your healthcare provider will be mailed a print version of your report. Our office is HIPAA compliant; your health information will not be shared with anyone without your authorization. We are aligned with several healthcare practitioners that will be happy to consult with you if needed.

Forms, Fees & Appointment Times

​Yes - You will have to fill out some paperwork :-) Simply select the appointment type (underlined) and the appropriate forms will appear. Then "print", complete and bring them along to your appointment. In the list of documents you will find a "preparation guidelines" form. Most important is that you read, and understand, the guidelines several days before your appointment.


Full Body: 60 minute appointment includes:           $385 head, breast/chest, abdomen, upper/lower

extremities. Head to bottom of feet! (30+ images)


3 ROI or Half Body: 60 minute  appointment           $305


​Breast Screening: To establish a baseline for future comparative analysis, we require 2 appointments 

3 months apart

Initial Scan                                                           $175

Baseline Scan or Annual Scan                          $160

Monitoring Therapy                                           $100


Region of Interest (ROI)30 min. appointment       $175



Lower Extremities

Upper Extremities

Full Back


2 ROI: 30 min appt                                                      $275


You are welcome to bring a companion to be present during your scan.


Bring a buddy discount:

Each save $10 on ROI and $25 on Full Body

This discount applies to Active/Reserve/Guard Military as well because you are buddies of RHI!

Payment & Questions

Payment in full is expected at the time of service. Radiant Health Imaging accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, personal checks, and cash.

We will provide a comprehensive receipt for use with flex plans, HSAs, etc. We do not provide any assistance in health insurance reimbursement. We have very little influence; you are the one with control and power when dealing with your insurance company.

We could list FAQ's here but our years of experience have taught us to answer your questions directly for clarity. Please call us with those burning questions. We love hearing from you! 641-469-6081 (CST).

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