Thermographer/technician - trained to take thermographic images according to strict standards and protocols. The certification training was provided by the American College of Clinical Thermology (ACCT). All RHI thermographers participate in advanced business training. Attendance at industry conferences for continuing education is ongoing and we follow the thermography guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Thermology.

Meet the radiant girls of Radiant Health Imaging!

  • Pam Ryerse, owner/founder, MLT, Certified Thermographer III, Fairfield, IA​

  • Anita Kelley, RN, Certified Thermographer I, Omaha, NE

  • Rhonda Pattavina, Certified Thermographer I, Omaha, NE

  • Andrea Tolle CCH, BA, Certified Thermographer I, Rochester, MN

  • Twila Westercamp, Office Manager, Fairfield, IA.

Strategic Partners

The team that makes thermal imaging a powerful tool for wellness



Medical doctors that interpret the thermal images for abnormal heat patterns and asymmetries. Board certification and training is provided by the American College of Clinical Thermology (ACCT). 


RHI contracts with a professional thermology group, Electronic Medical Interpretation, to interpret the patient's studies. EMI is an organization of medical doctors (MD or DO) who represent a variety of specialties such as Emergency Medicine, Functional Medicine, OB/GYN, General Practice, Radiology, that are also board-certified in thermology. Pathology falls within their scope of practice. This group is 20+ strong  and provides peer-review as well as second opinion options. Practitioners are welcome to consult with EMI on a report. And the turnaround time for a report is 2-3 days. They are awesome!



Infrared scanner, computer hardware and anaysis software. The engineers at Meditherm build the camera and provide ongoing technical support to include routine maintenance and calibration.

  • RHI uses Meditherm's IRIS 160 IR camera, FDA approved as a Class 1 Medical Device. Meditherm products are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements.

  • The Meditherm FDA Manufacturer registration number is: 3006111110.

  • The EC Conformity classification is: MDD Annex IX, Rule 12, Class 1. A full list of standards is available on request.

  • This  camera collects over 80,000 temperature readings in a click. Via digital technology, that data becomes a thermal image real-time on the computer screen then saved in the patient's electronic file.