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Location, location, location! We travel so you don’t have to!

Expanding to Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Beyond

At the beginning of my Radiant Health Imaging business I looked around my small town of Fairfield, IA and knew that to have a thriving business, I needed to think outside the box. While Fairfield has a lot to offer folks that come and visit, I wasn’t confident folks would travel for a healthcare getaway - and after the first few visits, some of the novelty is gone. Would they keep returning for follow-ups? I didn’t think so.

This is when the idea of a mobile office that traveled to you was born. With my military oriented career, I created a strategy and ops plan: Operation Prairie Heat. This map of Iowa hung on my wall for many years - as you can see, I’ve visited a lot of places! Being the first thermographer in the Midwest meant I had nothing but opportunity. **link to other blog post about being the first**

Over the years, I’ve traveled near and far with this camera - often spending about 50% of the year on the road. I’m grateful that thermography is such an easy mobile business. I’ve covered a lot of territory in the midwest: Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, and Nebraska. I’ve given thousands of folks a peek beneath their skin so they can take action to reduce inflammation in their body.

I’ve had so much fun and met the BEST business owners and community leaders that organized so thermography could come to their town or city. I love to hear people’s why - what drives them to be a holistic business owner and/or leader?

What I’ve learned is that disease has been, and is, a great motivator to jumpstart us in looking at how we can improve our well-being. I meet lots of you during the crisis phase often because other diagnostic tools aren’t giving you enough information about your condition. Illness has driven you to seek other solutions.

Once you get yourself, or your loved ones, in a more stable physical state, the brain starts asking what can I do for prevention? That’s when I meet more of you. The fun part about meeting you in this place, is that you are looking to change the way you take care of yourself. You’re ready to make lifestyle changes and prepared to invest your time, energy, and money in your well-care plan.

The smallest number of you come to me because prevention is a way of life for you already. You’ve already changed the way you take care of yourself.

Are you ready? Invite me to your location, or you can find me at a location near you!

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where would be the closest imaging center to Waukee, Iowa

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