TIPP #2: Welcome

Entering the typical clinic, one usually finds a hardworking person behind a desk, a high counter or a glass window beyond a sea of chairs in a waiting room. The greeting "how can I help you?" is expected with barely a smile as you feel like you are interrupting the work flow. Feel more like a number than a human?

What if you were greeted in a different way? What if the front desk person got up, walked over to you, welcomed you, introduced themself, and asked to take your coat? What would that feel like?

That was my thought process as I designed a thermography office. Remember - the appoinment belongs to the patient, it's their appointment. I eliminate barriers and allow for an open experience to start a relationship. Make them feel welcomed!

The sign on the door reads "Welcome to Your Appointment" and I reiterate in my greeting. I introduce myself and even wear a nametag! I allow for time to get acquainted and always share what will happen next. I strive to listen carefully as we review their health history. And getting their questions answered is a must.

At the end of the appointment time I wrap up by showing my gratitude. I offer a small parting gift, provide value-added education materials and honor them for choosing to think preventatively and using thermography for health risk assessment. I love being part of their wellness team and I want to WELCOME every patient ANNUALLY!

Patients and Potential Patients: Consider making a thermography appointment for yourself or a loved one today.

Fellow business owners: Consider adding a gratitude gift and/or additional educational materials to your protocol today.

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