TIPP #3: Feng Shui Your Office

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Feng Shui?

I am not a dedicated student of Feng Shui but back in the 1990's I heard about the concept of decluttering and embraced it wholeheartedly. Somehow the brain is decluttered too! And that is a good thing!

Here are some Feng Shui basics that are useful in organizing an office:

1. Energize the entrance to your office

Easy, uncluttered access

Make it welcoming, use a welcome sign

2. Paint office walls with colors that provide supportive energy.

Green is calming, balancing, healing, representing growth, vitality,

Blue is calming, healing, soothing, characterizing trustworthiness, and security.

3. Use art and wall décor to further enhance the purpose of the office

This is easy enough. Frame up some of the Meditherm scans in simple black gallery

frames! Perfect for a clinical thermography office.

Consider a clean, uncluttered environment. Keep a balanced decor so both women and men will feel comfortable. Feng Shui principles help to create supportive energy and aligning your personal design tastes with the type of work you do. Also you have the formula for improved focus, productivity and more success.

A typical wellness program will include activities to reduce stress so it makes sense to work in a stress-free environment. And your patients will really appreciate it too!

Patients and Potential Patients: Consider making a thermography appointment for yourself or a loved one today.

Fellow business owners: Ask yourself, " Is my office environment feel balanced?"

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