TIPPS #4: Prevention

You will find this tagline on my thermography website, "Take charge of your health BEFORE the symptoms appear" What does that mean? Most of the thermography literature discusses preventive screening or health risk assessment. This is a new paradigm, there is a movement happening.


The focus of preventive medicine is to maintain a healthy body, one that will be better suited to ward off the threats of sickness and disease. And the holistic approach looks at the human body as a whole . Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine are holistic in their approach and teach a preventive lifestyle. But the Western philosophy to healthcare is to search for disease.

Most people see a practitioner when they have a complaint, a SYMPTOM. Proactive individuals, like those seeking out thermography, are more interested in gaining insight into the function of the body. Now functional medicine tests for precursors to pathology allowing for intervention before a disease manifests.

Thermography provides that as well. Thermography detects inflammation with amazing accuracy and inflammation is a precursor to most all diseases. And many times there is no accompanying symptom. (Do you feel your carotid artery clogging up?)

We cannot ignore any aspect of our health. Essentials are: what you eat, water you drink, air you breathe, how you sleep, how you exercise, how you think. Everything is related. We want to feel like a human being and be honored as a whole person. That's holistic and full body imaging is a more holistic approach to preventive screening.

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Patients and Potential Patients: Consider making a full body thermography appointment for yourself or a loved one today.

Fellow business owners: A full body scan is a more holistic approach. Promote that!

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