TIPPS #5: Visual

65% of all people are visual learners.

This is important to know when one is in the education business. I am in education mode from the moment I answer a phone call to the moment I hang up the phone after a follow-up call.

In our thermography office we use visual aids to help the patient with anatomy. I want to be sure they have a good grasp of what they are looking at during the review their thermal images.

Here's an example of a terrific visual aid. I blow them up to 8 1/2 X 11 size, laminate, and place on a clipboard near my work surface for convenience. My favorite visual aids are the breast lymph system, dermatomes and dental/meridian chart. I see the light go on in the patient when they can make a connection between the image and their body. They are more engaged in the process. and more likely to place more value on the report.

Patients and Potential Patients: Consider making a thermography appointment for yourself or a loved one today.

Fellow business owners: Are you doing a good job educating the patients?

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