TIPPS #6: Say No First


There are people searching for a new paradigm in healthcare. Imagine a system that was designed around wellness? They learn about health risk assessment with thermography from a friend or holistic practitioner. They phone you on an exploratory mission.

I love these calls because I am excited to have the opportunity to meet someone new and help them in any way I can. After getting to know them, I get permission to educate on the benefits of thermography. One important thing I want to address are obvious potential objections that may come up.

Most of all I want to be mindful during this time and listen to the comments and questions they have. Do they understand where thermography fits into their wellness plan? Are they invested in the long term? Committed to being consistent with appointments to monitor for change optimally? Are they ready to make a decision? If it is clear that they have reservations, do not drag them across the finish line! Just Say No First.

"I can see that this may not be the right time for you to make a decision. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share some knowledge. Please know - that if you change your mind in the future, and you are ready to move forward, I will be here for you because I would love to earn your business." This is a sample response. It is a compassionate way to let the caller off the hook. They are not ready and they will appreciate your kindness. Remember, treat them like a human and not a number. Even if they never become a consumer of thermography they will always appreciated the way you treated them.

Patients and Potential Patients: Consider making a thermography appointment for yourself or a loved one today.

Fellow business owners: Make sure your customer care program is continuing to improve. Here is some good info on marketing.

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