TIPPS #7: Resources

Resource - a source, supply or aid from which BENEFIT is produced OR

economic or productive factor required to ACCOMPLISH an activity.

The thermography reports are quite foreign to the patient and I beleive it is my job to help them understand the language so they realize the benefit of the information provided, AND feel like their money was well spent.

Once that is accomplished I usually get the questions, "What do I do with this information?" and "Where do I go for help?"

The thermogapher/practitioner is usually prepared to provide the patient with services they need or can refer out. The thermographer/technician can provide resources to the patient if they are self referred. I have prepared a list of resources that consist of web links, books, consulting practitioners, and practitioners covering many modalities. And the list is always being updated. Make a check list together, an action plan. And encourage the patient to call without hesitation if they have questions. Sometimes the patient calls me with a resource they found!

I want the patient to be confident in their next step. If they are paralyzed by lack of information, the thermogram was really of no benefit. The patient will believe they wasted their money and time and will most likely not return

Patients and Potential Patients: Consider making a thermography appointment for yourself or a loved one today.

Fellow business owners: Develop a comprehensive list of resources.

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