Medical Thermal Imaging (or Thermography)
A service we bring you via Radiant Health Imaging.
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Are you proactive about staying healthy?

Do you want to take charge of your health before the symptoms of disease appear?

A thermography scan detects inflammation in the body with amazing accuracy even before a symptom appears! AND IT IS SAFE!

Can be used as an aid for diagnosis and prognosis, and

monitor therapy progress, for conditions and injuries.

Popular for breast health risk assessment but we specialize in full body thermograms.

Learn more from

this ebook.

Pam Ryerse MLT,CCT lll

After a career of 20 years as a Medical Laboratory Technologist with the USAF and in the civilian sector Pam switched gears. In Jan 2006, she started a thermography practice in Iowa because she saw a need. She is a certified Lvl III Thermographer and a current member of the American Academy of Thermology and the American College of Clinical Thermology.




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List of Services
Have you been trained to do a proper breast self exam (BSE)?
RHI can show you how!

Full Body: 60 minute appointment includes:            $385 head, breast/chest, abdomen, upper/lower

extremities. Head to bottom of feet! (30+ images)

3 ROI or Half Body: 60 minute  appointment           $305

​Breast Screening: To establish a baseline for future comparative analysis, we require 2 appointments 

3 months apart

Initial Scan                                                      $175

Baseline Scan or Annual Scan                       $160

Monitoring Therapy                                         $100

Region of Interest (ROI)30 min. appointment       $175



Lower Extremities

Upper Extremities

Full Back

2 ROI: 30 min appt                                                    $275