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About Us

We are committed professionals with careers in conventional medicine and a keen interest in alternative/complementary care. And we believe that "it's your body, it's your decision." 


Early detection of disease just makes sense; that's where thermography comes in. We aligned with strategic partners and opened our Iowa business in January 2006, adding a branch office in Omaha, NE in 2009.


At RHI, we provide the quality of service we would want for our mothers - as well as ourselves! Won't you give us a call? We can answer any questions you may have and discuss how to incorporate thermography into your personal wellness program.  

Yours in service,

Pam and Anita

About Clinical Thermography

Clinical Thermography is the ultimate in early detection. Once infrared technology was declassified by the military, many industries began understanding and leveraging it's potential, including  the medical research field.


Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, or thermography,  is a highly sensitive, non-invasive imaging procedure. With digital technology, the temperature data collected  by an infrared camera from the human body creates a thermogram, or a thermal map. This allows for a look into the sympathetic nervous system, via skin blood flow.​ The human body is thermally symmetrical and our normal thermal patterns are constant and repeatable. We can use comparative views, left to right, to detect physiological dysfunction. Pathology and injury will cause a sympathetic change and in most cases thermal asymmetry. Learn more from this ebook. Regarding thermography for breast screening, see how it compares to other popular modalities from Dr Karen Pendleton. Finally, here's an article that

will help you fully appreciate this technology. 


The benefits? Thermography offers the opportunity

to detect thermal abnormalities early, before a

symptom presents itself. This way, a healthcare

practitioner can be made aware of any changes that could indicate the early onset of disease. ANY change demands attention, early intervention is critical!


Although thermography is popular for breast health risk assessment, RHI specializes in full body scans - believing in a more holistic approach. And don't forget your equine friends!