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About Us

Meet Pam and the Radiant Health Team


Hi, I'm Pam 

First, there are two things you should know about me: I’m practical and data driven because I was a medical lab specialist with the USAF and ANG for 20 years, as well as in the civilian sector. (I do love air travel, and lying in the boom pod of a KC135 Stratotanker watching air refueling activities was pretty cool, nevermind being taken on deployment in a C-130 Hercules.)

When I first learned about thermography, I needed to know more, just like you.  


My Military Career 
(and how it influences my business!)

The more I learned, the more I was convinced that this technology makes sense. Thermal imaging has been around in the military, industrial, and medical world since 1965.

(Wanna read more about the history? Check out the cool history on Wiki.)

As a medical laboratory technician, I get that tests help us understand what’s going on in our bodily functions. The information we gather through blood test results can influence us to make changes in our lifestyle, medications, supplements, and help us to live longer. 


Thermography is just like that – it visualizes what’s happening inside the body with safe, heat-sensor technology. I love being a part of the discovery process as you navigate your wellness journey. (Click here for research.)

Pam Deploying.png

In 'Fields of Opportunity'

In Nov 2004, my husband and I retired from our life in New Hampshire and decided to move to Fairfield, IA. Never heard of it? It’s well known in the meditation community because Oprah, Jim Carrey, and other celebrities have visited this little rural town in SE Iowa. Yep, I’m a meditator too, since 1975. (No, I did not get to scan, or even meet Oprah, BUT my husband met Jim Carrey and served him some muffins I made for him!)  


Settled in Iowa, I looked around at the wide open space (pun intended!) and I realized, after a bit of research, that no one in Iowa was offering thermal imaging services. Surely there were people like me who thought preventative screening was valuable! So I decided to start a thermography business. 


L oblq neck.png

Thermography in Iowa & Operation Prairie Heat 

Radiant Health Imaging was born in January 2006, and “Operation Prairie Heat” began. I wanted more people to discover this safe tool to help them in their wellness plan. Before long, I was traveling to dozens of cities and towns and covered 6 states, meeting some of the coolest people ever!


Fast forward to today. Besides the home office in Fairfield, IA, RHI owns a branch office in Omaha, NE and another in Rochester, MN. Each office also provides mobile visits as well. I found a team of professionals to join me, let’s meet them!

Meet The Team

We are committed professionals with prior careers in conventional medicine and a keen interest in holistic and complementary care. And we believe that "it's your body, it's your decision." Early detection of disease just makes sense; that's where thermography comes in. 


At RHI, we provide the quality of service we would want for our mothers - as well as ourselves! Won't you give us a call? We can answer any questions you may have and discuss how to incorporate thermography into your personal wellness program.

Yours in service,

Pam, Anita & Dawniell

Anita Kelley, RN, CCT
Omaha, NE

Dawniell Storer, CMA, CCT
Omaha, NE

“Finding inflammation as a form of prevention just makes sense. Then we have more choices than diagnostic testing gives us - by the time we have diagnostic testing, we have disease.” 

As a nurse for 23 years, I’m trained to educate. Working for Radiant Health Imaging lets me continue to educate about wellness. We can refer to experts to assist with the next steps in your wellness plan.​My pursuit of health awareness began when my dad had pancreatic cancer and I wanted to support him in his quality of life. It was amazing to me how much organic, clean food and supplements made a difference for him as he enjoyed his last bit of time with us. ​I’ve been married for 33 years, my kids are grown now but Max and Pico fill in as our “kids” and you can always ask me what book I’m reading - I’m a bookworm at heart. ​When I’m not seeing thermography clients, I’m working at our family owned business, started 45 years ago, Maria's Mexican Restaurant in Ralston, NE. 

"I love meeting people and am intrigued by the uniqueness of each person."

My interest is in holistic approaches to health and wellbeing through diet, lifestyle and homeopathy. Being involved in thermography aligns with being proactive about health. I take care of a 1 acre garden and cultivate oyster mushrooms. Farming is natural for me as I grew up in SE Minnesota on a dairy farm.

My cat, Stardust, freely rides on the back of my bicycle. We have fun adventuring together. I'm the mom of two teenage kids and before you pity me, know that I often think they came from outer space. Not because of their age, but because they never ask for clothes or money and the only food they ask for are fruits and vegetables (I can’t take full credit). My credentials include a BA from Mankato State University, Certified Classical Homeopath and Certified Thermographer.  

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Client Testimonials

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My experience from my initial call to inquire of an appointment to that of the appointment went quite well. Staff is very informative, caring in sharing in the details to understand the process.

plantar feet.png


I can't tell you how happy I am to have this service come to the Quad City area! I have recommended it to many people! Pam is so helpful and informative, it really has been a Godsend! 

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Anita was very prompt ... I was very happy with the ideas on what I can do to improve my overall breast health.
Thank you for offering Thermography service...

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