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Hi! You’re probably reading this page for one of two reasons: a significant other, who cares about you, told you to or you’ve got a health problem you’re trying to solve.


Let’s start with how I can help you. Thermal imaging is almost as sexy as those heat seeking missiles in the movie Top Gun. Yep, it’s similar technology, but modified for being able to read what's happening under the skin in your body.

By now, you’ve heard in health news reports that inflammation is the root of all disease in your body. So, other than aches and pains, how do we find inflammation in the body? Thermal imaging can help you see the pain you feel, and more importantly the pain you don’t feel yet.


Just like that heat seeking missile, you will see the hot spots in your body. Like arthritis in your elbow from that old football injury or the inflammation in your gut from poor eating habits, which might explain some digestive issues you’re having. A common question we get at RHI from men is related to prostate health. The answer? The specificity of thermal imaging is low relative to prostate health. If inflammation is found in the lower pubic region, the thermologist may interpret it as possible bladder or prostate issues.


The best part of thermal imaging at Radiant Health Imaging is that

it is private. I don’t see you naked, I don’t touch/palpate any part of you - it’s very non-invasive in how we obtain the images. (I know, part of you is relieved - who wants another medical expert poking and prodding you).


You are behind a screen with a camera pointed at you that’s driven by my laptop. I am trained in proper framing and and focusing of each body region. The doctor interpreting the images will be able to provide a better report. It’s easy and painless. 


Here at RHI we provide a review of your thermogram report so you can appreciate the information. And, in our experience, there will be questions to answer and some resources to provided.


Let me tell you about a client a physical therapist referred to us. The gentleman was cutting shrubbery and a 3" diameter tree fell vertically, then directly on to his foot. He had surgery that left pins holding all his toes straight. The necrotic tissue was extensive. He was provided with low level therapy too. At some point the surgeon wanted to amputate his big toe but a thermal image of the toe showed there was, indeed, "life" in that toe!


Consider having a full or half body scan, simply because it makes the sense to monitor the physiology along with the other testing you may get. More information makes for a better assessment!

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Multiple studies have shown that inflammation is associated with most disease health problems. A thermography scan detects inflammation in the body with amazing accuracy. Thermal changes over time may identify abnormal physiology. Detecting these abnormalities in the early stages, before the symptoms appear, allows for early intervention with more options.


Thermography is the only method available for visualizing pain and may be useful as an adjunctive procedure to other diagnostic tools, like X-ray, MRI or ultrasound. It is unique in its capability to show physiological change and metabolic processes and is useful in monitoring therapy. Whether acute or chronic, thermal imaging may help you and your healthcare team to safely get you back to better health.    


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Client Testimonials

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My experience from my initial call to inquire of an appointment to that of the appointment went quite well. Staff is very informative, caring in sharing in the details to understand the process.

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I can't tell you how happy I am to have this service come to the Quad City area! I have recommended it to many people! Pam is so helpful and informative, it really has been a Godsend! 

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Anita was very prompt ... I was very happy with the ideas on what I can do to improve my overall breast health.
Thank you for offering Thermography service...

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