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Pain, Injury and Inflammation

As we age, inflammation causes our bodies to break down. Getting ahead of infamma-aging will help us stay active into our older years.

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Multiple studies have shown that inflammation is associated with many health problems. A thermography scan detects inflammation in the body with amazing accuracy. Thermal changes over time may identify abnormal physiology. Detecting these abnormalities in the early stages, before the symptoms appear, allows for early intervention with more options.

The image to your left displays an abnormal heat pattern over the liver. The thermologist recommended clinical correlation. The patient was asymptomatic and several days later she was in the ER suffering with severe pain in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen region. She ended up in the OR for surgery to remover her gall bladder.


Thermography is the only method available for visualizing your pain and inflammation. Whether acute or chronic, thermal imaging may help you and your healthcare team to safely get you back to better health.  A scan may assist you in finding the source of your pain, to include referred pain and help you determine the next step.  

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   Monitoring Therapy 

Thermography is the only method available for visualizing inflammation and is useful as an adjunctive procedure to other diagnostic tools. It is unique in its capability to show physiological change and metabolic processes and also useful in monitoring your therapy. Is what you are doing working??

The series of 3 head scans here show a patient with painful trigeminal neuralgia.  The visual is fantastic! See how the inflammation patterns decrease over 45 minutes!

The series of 2 hand scans is an example of pre and post low level laser therapy. This patient had complaints of "soreness" due to arthritis in both hands, right greater than left. She had a successful treatment relieving her symptoms.

The series of 2 breast scans is very interesting. You see warm pattern in the right axilla region on this patient. The thermologist suggested lymph congestion. This patient pursued a lymphatic therapy utilizing an advanced technique and after 4 treatments you can certainly see the difference in thermal activity. This will be a great help to her immune system by aiding better lymph flow of lymph to the area. 

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Client Testimonials

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My experience from my initial call to inquire of an appointment to that of the appointment went quite well. Staff is very informative, caring in sharing in the details to understand the process.

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I can't tell you how happy I am to have this service come to the Quad City area! I have recommended it to many people! Pam is so helpful and informative, it really has been a Godsend! 

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Anita was very prompt ... I was very happy with the ideas on what I can do to improve my overall breast health.
Thank you for offering Thermography service...

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