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What was I thinking? Repeat, repeat, repeat...

Radiant Health Imaging is the Premier Thermographer in Iowa in 2006

There were many days in the early years that I, and especially my husband, wondered what the heck was I thinking? Was Iowa really ready for thermography? It felt like all I did was explain this technology that was old, but new to so many of you. January of 2006 is when I leased an office in Fairfield, IA and today, I have no doubts or regrets about any of my decisions!

As I networked across the state, I’d meet an inspiring business owner and get excited all over again about the possibilities of what thermography could do for people.

The more I started imaging, and the more I witnessed people becoming empowered with knowledge about their bodies, again, I would be inspired.

If I’d not had these regular doses of inspiration, it wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun growing this business. What I know now, is that being a changemaker, bringing new information to people is quite the challenge.

Being the first thermographer in Iowa I was continually reminded that there were literally ‘Fields of Opportunity’ in front of me in every direction. (Yes, this is Iowa’s slogan, so if you aren’t from Iowa, watch for these signs next time you visit!) I’m refraining from commenting on that debate!

Meet Me in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, and...

Once I’d canvassed the state of Iowa, I started networking in the states around Iowa. It didn’t take long to grow enough to realize the benefit of establishing a permanent location in NE (established in 2009) and MN (established in 2019). The interest and demand warranted finding others who were excited about thermography, and wanted to help educate and scan people.

For me the next challenge was to create a guidebook that I could give a new team member. A valuable lesson I learned from the military was that a great instruction manual was a critical resource that would support the success of my business. It took more than a year for me to write a lot of information down, but when I was done, I had something to share with my team members and I decided to share it with other thermography business owners. I will write more about TIPPS soon.

I’m proud to say that I was the first thermographer in the Iowa - breaking ground in areas no one would have imagined success. I’ve educated thousands of people over the years in more states and cities than I can keep track of.

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